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SALSA "ON1" BEGINNERS - basics & fundamentals

BEG DVD disc images 340px optContent

  • All basics for Men & Ladies
  • 10 beginner combinations
  • 3 bonus moves
  • Salsa dance tips
  • Detailed explanation
  • Hilarious bloopers

NOTE: This is an updated version with added graphics for more details!

Download Movie Here

This DVD will teach you Step-By-Step all the basics and partner fundamentals of "on1" linear style salsa in the most comprehensive way possible. Suitable for the absolute Beginner right through to the Advanced dancer who wants to re-enforce the basics.



ZOUK BEGINNERS - basics & fundamentals

Zouk BEG DVD disc images 340px optContent

  • All basics for Men & Ladies
  • Sequences for Beginners
  • Setp-by-Step instruction
  • Zouk dance tips
  • Detailed explanation
  • Hilarious bloopers


Download Movie Here

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Region free [0]
  • Running time: 60min

This DVD incorpoates all the basic steps and fundamentals for the beginner "Zoukeiro". Each sequence demonstrated is broken down with tips for leaders and followers. Suitable for the absolute Beginner right through to the Advanced dancer wishing to re-visit the basics.


SALSA "ON1" INTERMEDIATE Vol. 1 - partnerwork

INT1 disc images 320px optContent

  • 3 sections
  • 12 exciting combinations
  • Bonus moves
  • "Deleted moves"
  • Step-by-Step breakdown
  • Xtra features

This DVD starts off with Section 1 - Bridging Beginners to Intermediate, then Section 2 - Which will teach you Intermediate level skills and finally Section 3 - Introduction to Advanced level salsa.


SALSA "ON1" INTERMEDIATE Vol. 2 - partnerwork

INT2 disc with images 320px optContent

  • Exploring Int level
  • 12 new combinations
  • Simple and effective partner styling
  • Step-by-Step breakdown
  • Bloopers
  • Over 2 hours!

Download Movie Here

This DVD explores the intermediate level further. The combinations taught are built on knowledge and understanding of Beginners and Intermediate Vol. 1.


SALSA "ON1" ADVANCED Vol. 1 - partnerwork

ADV1 disc images 340px optContent

  • 12 exciting combinations
  • Slow motion demos
  • Bloopers
  • "Insane" music video featuring Giancarlo & Masha
  • 45min

Now we're stepping it up! This DVD shows you what you can achieve once you have mastered the previous levels. Here we teach you Advanced level combinations with speed, multiple spinning and precision.


SALSA "ON1" ADVANCED Vol. 2 - partnerwork

ADV2 disc images 340px optContent

  • 10 long & exciting combinations
  • 3 bonus moves
  • Funny bloopers
  • Step-by-Step breakdown
  • 75min

Download Movie Here

Advanced Volume 2 is another DVD with cool and smooth combinations that you will turn heads on the dance floor! Make sure to really pay attention to all the details demonstrated and explained.



SALSA "ON1" ADVANCED Vol. 3 - partnerwork

ADV3 disc images 340px optContent

  • 10 fun & exciting combinations
  • Step-by-Step breakdown
  • Performance by Giancarlo & Masha
  • Performance by Latinissimo C-Team 2010
  • 106min

Advanced Volume 3 gathers some of Giancarlo & Masha's favorite salsa combinations and moves! Each combination is thoroughly broken down step by step and also demonstrated in slomotion for your convenience.




LADIES ONLY with Masha Vol. 1 - styling & shines

Ladies images 340px optContent

  • 10 shine choreographies
  • Technique for ladies
  • Masha's personal styling tips
  • Arm styling and shapes
  • Head flicks
  • Body movement
  • Footwork & foot placement
  • Rond de
  • Spinning techniques
  • Easy to follow
  • Plus much more!

Download Movie Here

This DVD is jammed packed with sexy and elegant styling combined with fun and challenging shines and footwork combinations suitable for ALL LEVELS. The DVD is intended to act as an inspiration and/or ideas for social dancing, choreography or performances. Lots of new skills to learn and have have fun with!


Masha's Styling Tips section goes deeper into the technical aspects and details for ladies. All the tips and techniques taught are essential for Salsa dancing and other street Latin dance styles.



"-Hey Giancarlo! Today i received the dvd's!
I'm very impressed and glad that i ordered them!
Thank you very very much!!

Regards from Belgium



"-Hi Giancarlo, I bought the first beginners DVD for a friend who cant get to local lesson nights @ Salsa Groove, so we could teach (used to teach Salsa a few years back) her the same curiculum that Gary & Karen Knofflock are using i.e your dvds as a National Salsa Curiculum for people to follow. You have produced a great product in these dvds & it takes alot of work & concentration to acheive such a good result.
Kind regards & feliz navidad
Rob, Blenheim, New Zealand"

"-Hi Giancarlo and Marsha! I just wanted to say a huge thank you!! I ordered an Advanced Moves DVD and Marsha's Ladies Styling DVD on Friday have already received them! Super efficient! Both DVDs are absolutely BRILLIANT!!!! Marsha, THANK YOU for showing all your moves from both front and back as well as in "slomo". Such a well structured, challenging and inspirational range of shines that has been so clearly broken down in an easy to learn manner. Am super excited, can't wait to get learning!!!
Thanks again,
Rebecca, Dunedin, New Zealand"

"-Hi Gian & Masha! I have got 4 of your DVDs in total, they are very well done, clear to follow and brilliant quality and an excellent range of Salsa combos. I have also just purchased your ladies styling DVD recently and its great to see there is a breakdown of the components for styling as well as some great shines. Not that I bought it for myself, but I'll give it a go regardless ;-)
I'm looking forward to more of your high quality DVDs in the future.
Best Regards
Reuben Watkins
Director - Salsa Latina, Christchurch, New Zealand"

"-...have to congratulate you on creating such a quality DVD! (Beginners) In my opinion, the way you have put it together make it the best instructional DVD I have watched!!!"
- Dean Christie, Director Bay Salsa Festival, New Zealand"

"-...DVD rocks fella, (Advanced Vol.1) some very cool stuff! Have already watched it twice today already!!"
- Chad Diehl, Auckland, New Zealand

"-Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I've watched one of your DVD's so far and it is fantastic! You've put so much into it and it truely shows. I was specially amused with the deleted scenes, so funny!
- Renee Piccolo, Brisbane, Australia"

"-Hi, Hamish here from Salsa Sabrosa Team at Danza Latina... I just wanted to say..., Your instructional DVDs are fantastic! Well set up, easy to follow and challenging. I got all four and I love them! I'm a big fan of you guys and your style...
- Hamish Pulley, Christchurch, New Zealand"

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