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Private Lessons

private lesson 200pxPrivate lessons are suitable for those wanting personal attention to their dancing. Lessons are available for Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Brazilian Zouk, Brazilian Samba, Performance coaching, Competition coaching, Wedding dance, Choreography and more.

Lessons can be done 1-on-1, 2-on-1 (a couple and 1 instructor) or 2-on-2 (a couple and 2 instructors). A couple is considered as one leader and one follower. In a private lesson the attention is 100% on you. We can concentrate on your individual needs and attend to details that are not possible in a group class situation.

Every individual have their own special needs when wanting to excel with their dancing, therefore private lessons are a huge benefit and are highly recommended.

Some reasons for Private Lessons

  • Student gets 100% of instructors attention.
  • Customized to the students individual needs.
  • The lessons progress at the students individual pace.
  • Catch up to the current term if you are late with registering.
  • Asses your dance level according to our Latinissimo Dance curriculum.
  • Accelerate your learning to progress to the next level of classes sooner.
  • Find out which class/level would best suit you if you already dance.
  • Comfortable way of learning.
  • Performance and/or Competition coaching.
  • Wedding dance.

Lessons are booked by appointment only. All lessons are (60min) 1 hour in length unless prior arrangement.


Prices (€ EUR)


single-lesson1 private lesson

1 person: 65€/lesson (1 instructor)

Couples: 45€/person (1 instructor)

Couples: 55€/person (2 instructors)




5 private lesson package

1 person: 60€/lesson

(1 instructor)



5-lesson-couples5 private lessons package for couples


(2 instructors)




To book a private lesson please email us or call/text Masha +358 (0)40 976650. Lessons can be held in Ljubljana and Brezice.



  • All concession cards (lesson packages) to be paid in advance. No part payments. No pay-as-you-go.
  • Please choose carefully as there are no refunds once payment has been done.



We require a 24-hour notice to cancel a lesson once it has been booked and scheduled.

  • If the student pre-paid for a lesson, 100% of the fee will be refunded when the student cancels at least 24 hours before the private lesson.
  • If the student cancels within 24 hours or fails to show up to the lesson, there will be no refund on the payment and the lesson is non-redeemable.
  • In the case that a student schedules a lesson and fails to show up, he/she will be required to pay for such lesson before being able to re-schedule a new lesson.
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