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Brazilian Zouk

You have probably heard of a dance called Lambada from some 80's Hollywood movies. Well Brazilian Zouk actually evolved from Lambada – only much more stylized and elegant!

Zouk-Lambada is a group of closely related dance styles based on or evolved from the lambada dance style. Zouk today is the evolution of Lambada and it is super smooth, romantic, hypnotic with long, fluent, wave-like movements and surprisingly easy to learn! Unlike the fast paced, energetic and explosive LambaZouk. Brazilian Zouk or Zouk-Lambada is used to distinguish the dance from the Caribbean Zouk dance style, which is historically related to, but very different from the Brazilian Zouk-Lambada dance style.

gian masha zouk lateral 200pxOriginally Zouk was called "Zouk Love" due to it being danced to a much slower paced music, therefor could display a more sensual movement. One of the most amazing things with Zouk is the music! Todays Zouk music is mellow and beautiful, with an irresistible dance beat and a strong bass line. The majority of Zouk dancers today dance to the music you hear on the radio, many of songs is RnB music that have either been re-mixed and put a Zouk beat in them or naturally have the correct pace and rhythm to dance Brazilian Zouk. When the dance is put together with the music, it will mesmerize you!

Since it's introduction a few years ago, it has quickly won the heart of Latin dancers across Brazil, Australia, USA, Asia and of course Europe! There are two dominant Zouk styles - "Porto Seguro" style, which is a bit faster and a more upbeat style and the "Rio Style", which is more sensual and slower. At Latinissimo, we dance Rio Style Zouk.

Did you know? - Traditional Brazilian zouk style was first developed in Ilha Dos Pescadores in Rio de Janeiro around the mid 90’s when lambada songs stopped being composed. It was developed and first taught by Adilio Porto and Renata Peçanha in Brazil’s most famous dance school for Brazilian partner dances, Jaime Arôxa Dance School. It was danced to slower music of the Caribbean zouk, thus making it easier to learn and vary the steps, moves, sequences and combinations. This was the birth of todays Brazilian Zouk.

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Zouk Level 2
Tue 06 Oct 8:00pm

Plesno Mesto Mercator Centre Šiška

4wk course
Pre-register €35
OR €40 @ door

Level 1
Tue 06 Oct 9:00pm
Plesno Mesto Mercator Centre Šiška 4wk course
Pre-register €35
OR €40 @ door



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