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Salsa Dancing

salsa on1 classesSalsa is the most popular of all Latin Dances!!

It is the perfect way to GET FIT, meet a whole bunch of new friends, gain confidence, de-stress, all while having loads of fun!

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Bachata3 200pxBachata is a smooth and sexy partner dance originating from the Caribbean region, more specifically, the Dominican Republic with borrowings from the Cuban Bolero. Although Bachata is a classic form of music dating back to the 1960's, it has enjoyed a revival and has taken Latin night clubs by storm all over the World! The music has a distinctive guitar sound and evolved from the guitar-led folk groups of the Cuban son and the bolero. It is romantic and beautiful to listen and dance to.

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Cha Cha Cha

Gian Masha ChaChaThe Cha Cha Cha is a Latin-American dance with 4-beat-count, originally from Cuba. The dance is a further development of mambo and was introduced by bandleader Enrique Jorrin in 1953. It is considered to have gotten it's name after the pattern of the steps: 2 slow steps followed by 3 quick steps (go-go-cha-cha-cha). The dance came to USA through Mexico and from there on to Europe, where it became very popular.

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Brazilian Zouk

You have probably heard of a dance called Lambada from some 80's Hollywood movies. Well Brazilian Zouk actually evolved from Lambada – only much more stylized and elegant!

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Salsa "on2" - aka New York Style Mambo


When Swing and Cuban music came together it created a fascinating rhythm and in turn created a new sensational dance - The Mambo!

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