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"Lot's of crazy fun times here and incredible quality of instructors. Whether you want to learn some spicy new latin moves or you want your butt kicked into being the best dancer possible, you need to come here."

- Heidi Cone





"Thank you so much to your wonderful teachers, who’s enthusiasm got everyone up and involved. Great demonstrations and a great crowd made the evening go so well, thank you for all your involvement at Dancing Under The Stars."

-Stephanie Clark

Assistant Producer | The Edge




1st place Improvers

"9 golds should have been 10! You guys are the real winners encouraging and supporting dancers of all levels such as Fran and I to believe in ourselves step up to the plate compete and be judged. So on behalf of all your salsa students past present and in the years to come, a big big thank you.."

- Paul Buchan





"Thanks again for Thursday night! So many people have commented on how much fun they had learning salsa and how amazing you both were. You were professional and organised. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you as teachers or performers. A few are keen to take your classes too!"

- Simone Rosentreter



"Dear Giancarlo & Masha I would like to thank the two of you for making such a huge impact on my life with your salsa dancing and lessons. There are times that I am so exhausted by the end of the week, but come time for salsa - I pull out all my reserve energy and I fell like a million bucks after one of your lessons. You guys are fantastic and I look forward to going from a beginner to an intermediate salsa dancer. Thank you so much for always being so nice and friendly."

- Naomi Benjamin





"- Latinissimo is known for its reputation, the reputation of a dance school that had its own syllabus properly taking you through from the absolute beginner level right through to performance and competition levels. The great thing for me is its main focus on technique and getting things "right the first time around! If you want to learn how to dance, grow, perform, lead properly and become "good" – this requires commitment, persistence and a school with a good dancing development structure. For this, Gian & Masha and Latinissimo excels!"

- Stefan Kulak




"Latinissimo has been/is great! Gian and Masha are exceptional tutors, I feel like I have learnt so much and I've only been with Latinissimo less than ten weeks – literally. I have so much more to gain from them and I would recommend Gian and Masha to anyone who wants to learn and grow as a dancer. After all, they are the best in NZ!"

- Deepika Goudar





"My experience with Latinissimo has made my dancing far more precise which I think largely lead to the good results with Ceroc so far this year. Latinissimo is incredibly fun and also challenging. I have really pushed myself with this Cha Cha choreography (TEAM Latinissimo C) and being able to perform such an amazing routine on a professional stage is just such an amazing feeling and a real honour! I absolutely love it!"

- Jodi Wood (former Cottle)



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